Rearrange the Jumbled Sentences with Answers

Hello students, Are you looking for jumbled sentences for practice? Here you will find the exercise of jumbled sentences. Jumbled sentences are a great way to improve your sentence formation and problem-solving abilities. So, get ready to exercise your brain with these jumbled sentences. Rearrange the Following Jumbled Sentences Exercise: 1 rearrange the following words […]

10 Examples of Simple Past Tense

10 examples of simple past tense 10 Examples of Simple Past Tense Affirmative Sentences in Simple Past Tense Negative Sentences in Simple Past Tense Interrogative Sentences in Simple Past Tense

Simple Future Tense

The simple future tense is used to describe the action or event that will happen in the future. Ex, I will call you tomorrow. Simple Future Tense Simple Future Tense Formula Subject + will + Verb (V1) + object. Type of Sentences Formula Sentences Positive [Subject + will + V1 + object] He will go on […]

Irregular Verbs list in English (pdf Download)

Irregular verbs are a type of verb in which the conjugation of verbs follows a different pattern. They don’t follow the regular pattern -s and -ed and instead follow their own rules. In the following table, you will find a list of all irregular verbs. List of Irregular Verbs Sr Base Verb Simple Past Form […]

Simple Past Tense

The simple past tense is used to describe the action that happened in the past. Simple Past Tense Simple Past Tense Formula Subject + Past form of verb (V2) + object. Type of Sentence Formula Sentences Positive [Subject + V2 + object] She got up early in the morning. Negative [Subject + did + not + […]

Formula of Simple Past Tense

Simple past tense formula in English with examples/sentences. The formula of simple past tense in English. Simple Past Tense Formula Structures of Simple Past Tense Positive Sentence Formula Subject Verb Object He / She / It /I / You / We / They removed all the apples from the basket. Negative Sentence Formula Subject Auxiliary […]

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