100 Sentences of Simple Present Tense

Here you will get a list of 100 sentences of simple present tense with types affirmative, negative, and interrogative.

100 Sentences of Simple Present Tense

100 sentences of simple present tense

Simple Present Tense Affirmative Sentences

  1. He borrows books from the school library.
  2. She takes notes during classes.
  3. We play football in the playground.
  4. The teacher explains the lesson to the students.
  5. It feels good to exercise regularly.
  6. We take breaks between classes to eat lunch.
  7. It gets dark early in the winter.
  8. She cooks dinner for her family.
  9. They learn new skills through online courses.
  10. He plans a vacation for his family.
  11. My father saves money for retirement.
  12. They like to read books in their free time.
  13. My friends go for a jog every Sunday.
  14. She drinks tea to wake up.
  15. They watch the news on tv.
  16. He pays his bill online.
  17. Ben brushes his teeth before bed.
  18. We listen to music in his car.
  19. She goes home at 6 pm.
  20. We enjoy playing tennis on the weekends.

Simple Present Tense Negative Sentences

  1. She doesn’t like pizza.
  2. He doesn’t eat meat.
  3. You don’t like each other.
  4. He doesn’t go to school regularly.
  5. They don’t take notes during classes.
  6. We never take breaks during classes.
  7. She doesn’t use social media.
  8. They don’t use smartphones.
  9. My sister doesn’t know how to cook.
  10. He doesn’t enjoy shopping.
  11. She doesn’t like cycling.
  12. They don’t like to watch horror movies.
  13. We don’t like to wear black t-shirts.
  14. She doesn’t like to dance in public.
  15. They don’t read poetry.
  16. He doesn’t like to eat ice cream.
  17. They don’t like to read magazines.
  18. He doesn’t go to work by bus.
  19. I don’t go on holiday every winter.
  20. Don’t go out in the rain.

Simple Present Tense Interrogative Sentences

  1. Do you like pancakes?
  2. Does she speak Spanish?
  3. Do you have any siblings?
  4. Does he know how to cook?
  5. Do they like to wear a red skirt?
  6. Do you like to go to the beach?
  7. Do you prefer to stay home or go out?
  8. Does she have a favorite actor?
  9. Do we go to the library regularly?
  10. Do you know how to drive a car?
  11. Do you know three languages?
  12. Does he listen to music while walking?
  13. Does her brother like to dance?
  14. Do you complete your homework?
  15. Do they like pet animals?
  16. Does she know all the answers to the questions?
  17. Does Emily like to have coffee?
  18. Do you know how to play chess?
  19. Does he have any health issues?
  20. Why do you go to the gym regularly?
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