100+ Daily Use English Sentences

Learn daily use English sentences. These English sentences are helpful for every student who want to improve their English speaking skills.

Nowadays, everyone knows that English speaking skills are very important. If a student can masters that one skill then that person grows tremendously in their career.

daily use english sentences

Daily Use English Sentences

  1. How are you?
  2. Good Morning sir.
  3. Where are you going?
  4. I am feeling tired today.
  5. God bless you.
  6. Thank you for the advice.
  7. I did not understand.
  8. I will catch you soon.
  9. I am tired.
  10. I decline that.
  11. Call me any day.
  12. We cook everyday
  13. No, I don’t want it.
  14. Excuse me!
  15. Nice to meet you.
  16. Improve your handwriting.
  17. I made it.
  18. Have a good weekend
  19. I don’t know.
  20. I appreciate it.
  21. I’m sorry to interrupt you.
  22. You are my responsibility.
  23. Do not disturb!
  24. Please do me a favor.
  25. Everything is fine.
  26. Doesn’t matter
  27. I admire you
  28. Sorry for the inconvenience
  29. It’s my pleasure.
  30. It’s none of your business.
  31. You are wasting my time.
  32. Believe me.
  33. I’m on my way.
  34. It was nice meeting you.
  35. Have a nice day.
  36. Come on!
  37. I admire you.
  38. Drive carefully.
  39. Stop crying.
  40. What is going on?
  41. Enjoy yourself
  42. I wish you a happy married life.
  43. Is everything alright?
  44. I do not understand
  45. Do you want to join me?
  46. Do as I say.
  47. Go down
  48. I feel sad about your loss.
  49. Stop kidding.
  50. I am busy.
  51. I hope so.
  52. Thank you very much.
  53. I am very pleased to meet you.
  54. That’s so kind of you.
  55. Come with me
  56. I have no idea.
  57. Forgive me
  58. I will call you later.
  59. Long time no see.
  60. I will come again.
  61. Don’t be ridiculous
  62. Good day to you, Sir!
  63. It takes time
  64. I don’t have time.
  65. I love to play video games.
  66. Please clean the board.
  67. I just made it.
  68. He is still not well.
  69. Daily exercise makes you fit and healthy.
  70. Any day will do
  71. Have a good trip.
  72. Don’t move!
  73. It’s on the tip of my tongue
  74. I read books.
  75. Have a good trip
  76. I am sorry.
  77. Thank you for inviting us.
  78. We both like each other.
  79. I’m at the office.
  80. Call me back.
  81. I hope you understand.
  82. Talk to you tomorrow.

Simple English Sentences for Daily Use

  1. Come quickly.
  2. I’m good at my work.
  3. I hate you!
  4. I am busy at the moment.
  5. Get ready to go to school.
  6. Slow down your car.
  7. Please be seated.
  8. Hope to see you next time.
  9. Talk to you later.
  10. See you next time.
  11. Happy birthday!
  12. The sun rises from the east.
  13. God bless you
  14. Don’t worry
  15. How old are you?
  16. I have completed my homework.
  17. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  18. Well done! Keep it up!

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