Past Perfect Continuous Tense Examples

Examples of past perfect continuous tense. past perfect continuous tense examples.

past perfect continuous tense examples

20 Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  • He had been solving maths problems since morning.
  • David had been losing weight for a year.
  • The teacher had been teaching in the classroom for an hour.
  • She had been reading a novel before you came home.
  • My father had been going to the office for five years.
  • They had been watching a horror movie for three hours.
  • You had not been playing basketball all day.
  • Thoms had been writing an essay for an hour before he slept.
  • Anna had been overthinking about the future since morning.
  • I had been waiting at the railway station for a couple of hours.
  • Janny had not been going for a morning walk for two weeks.
  • I had been cleaning my house before he came.
  • The boys had been running on the ground since 6 o’clock.
  • She had been practising hard for the exam since march.
  • My friend had been doing nothing the whole day.
  • Mariya had been living in America for fifteen years.
  • Emma had been playing chess for two hours.
  • People had been waiting for the bus for thirteen minutes.
  • It had been snowing for a month.
  • We had been going to school for ten years.

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