Past Continuous Tense Examples

Hello English learners! Are you looking for past continuous tense examples? See here we have twenty sentences of past continuous tense.

past continuous tense examples

20 Examples of Past Continuous Tense Examples

  1. I was reading a novel.
  2. We were playing basketball.
  3. He was fighting with his friends.
  4. She was becoming a good actor.
  5. They were breaking a coconut.
  6. A man was digging a pond.
  7. You were forgetting a Facebook password.
  8. The mixer was making a noise.
  9. He wasn’t going to the market.
  10. We weren’t talking with my friends.
  11. Were they preparing for an exam?
  12. Was he not eating a pizza?
  13. Who was she winning a match?
  14. I was going to a mountain hill in the summer.
  15. We were writing an essay.
  16. She was telling her truth about life.
  17. They were wearing a golden necklaces.
  18. My father was taking a bath with my elder brother.
  19. A teacher was teaching in the classroom.
  20. He was selling cosmetic products.

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