Past Perfect Tense Examples

Hello English learners! Are you looking for past perfect tense examples? See here we have twenty sentences of the past perfect tense.

past perfect tense examples

20 Examples of Past Perfect Tense Examples

  1. I had eaten dinner at 8 o’clock.
  2. We had gone to the vegetable market.
  3. He had run a hundred meters.
  4. They had drunk all the cold drinks.
  5. She had studied hard during exams.
  6. He had read all the newspapers.
  7. It had taken fifty minutes.
  8. Children had broken all the glass.
  9. We had bought a new phone.
  10. She had not finished the test.
  11. I had already sent the mail.
  12. He had reached the office by then.
  13. My brother had not ever gone to Switzerland.
  14. Had she come late to school?
  15. He had read a newspaper.
  16. The baby had cried till the morning.
  17. She had never gone to school by car.
  18. He had awakened for a morning walk.
  19. Emma had become a successful dentist.
  20. She had written a novel on humanity.

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