Present Continuous Tense Examples

Hello English learners! Are you looking for present continuous tense examples? See here we have twenty sentences of present continuous tense.

present continuous tense examples

20 Examples of Present Continuous Tense Sentences

  1. I am writing an English lesson.
  2. We are not eating fish at night.
  3. My dad is taking us to a picnic.
  4. John is scoring all marks in English.
  5. Are you watching an English movie?
  6. She is cooking dinner for her family.
  7. She is playing badminton.
  8. We are bathing in cold water.
  9. I am playing with my cat.
  10. They are playing video games.
  11. She is enhancing her speaking skill.
  12. He is cleaning his living room.
  13. My teacher is teaching an English lesson.
  14. A dog is eating all the bones.
  15. I am handling all situations wisely.
  16. Is she coming to your house?
  17. They are applying coconut oil to their hair.
  18. He is writing a letter to his brother.
  19. Birds are flying in the sky.
  20. We are sleeping early at night.

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