Present Perfect Continuous Tense Examples

Hello English learners! Are you looking for present perfect continuous tense examples? See here we have twenty sentences of the present perfect continuous tense.

present perfect continuous tense examples

20 Examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  1. She has been eating fast food for a year.
  2. They have been playing basketball since morning.
  3. He has been going to school since childhood.
  4. We have been reading a newspaper for three years.
  5. I have been speaking English for two months.
  6. My dad has been working since 2019.
  7. She has been saving money for nine months.
  8. I have been working on my communication skills for a year.
  9. He has been brushing his teeth for many years.
  10. My mom has been making pancakes since childhood.
  11. You have been going to the gym for five years.
  12. John has been running a marathon for a year.
  13. She has been talking too much for a long time.
  14. Has he been looking at the sky for a minute?
  15. You have been waiting here for two hours.
  16. They have been working for the last hour.
  17. He has been playing football for two years.
  18. It has been raining heavily since last night.
  19. He has been reading for two hours.
  20. She has been coming to my house for two months.

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