Present Perfect Tense Examples

Hello English learners! Are you looking for present perfect tense examples? See here we have twenty sentences of the present perfect tense.

present perfect tense examples

20 Sentences of Present Perfect Tense Examples

  1. He has written a letter to his friend.
  2. She has watched a new horror movie.
  3. David has learned to speak french.
  4. I have put all the money in your pocket.
  5. They have bought a new cycle.
  6. We have not finished our homework.
  7. He has studied two foreign languages.
  8. My sister has gone to the hill station.
  9. They have written two essays already.
  10. My father has driven a car very fast.
  11. Marc has read all the grammar rules.
  12. Have you read the book yet?
  13. Why have you switched off the fan?
  14. She has already posted the letter.
  15. They have never met that man before.
  16. The dog has attacked the people two times.
  17. He has not gone to work every day.
  18. You have done your homework on time.
  19. We have not seen such an animal.
  20. have kept vegetables in the cellar.

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