Simple Present Tense Examples

Hello English learners! Learn 20 examples of simple present tense. Sentences of simple present tense.

simple present tense examples

20 Examples of Simple Present Tense Sentences

  1. I go to the vegetable market every day.
  2. We read English lessons in the morning.
  3. He cleans his drawing room every Sunday.
  4. She cooks breakfast for her family.
  5. They play video games every weekend.
  6. It takes thirty minutes to prepare a pancake.
  7. My teacher teaches English subjects.
  8. Do you watch English movies each Sunday?
  9. Does she come to your house for her studies?
  10. Ben scores full marks in each subject.
  11. Dogs love to eat bone.
  12. I like to play with my cat.
  13. She does not speak with an American accent.
  14. You do not eat chicken.
  15. He writes a letter to his brother.
  16. She enhances her speaking skills.
  17. My dad takes us on a picnic.
  18. We take a bath in cold water in the morning.
  19. I handle every situation wisely.
  20. They apply coconut oil to the hair.

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