Simple Present Tense

The simple present tense is also called present indefinite tense or present simple tense. It is the first form of tense.

Simple Present Tense

The Simple Present Tense is a type of verb tense that is used to express actions that are happening in the present. It is often used for habitual or regular activities, such as walking to the store every day or going to work every morning.

The simple present tense can also be used to talk about general truths and facts, such as the fact that the sky is blue or the water is wet. The simple present tense can also be used in stories and conversations when talking about events that are currently taking place.

simple present tense

Simple Present Tense Formula

Subject + verb (s/es) + object.

Type of
Positive[Subject + verb (s/es) + object]He plays Football.
Negative[Subject + do/does + not + verb + object]He doesn’t play Football.
Question[Do/does + subject + verb + object + ?]Does he play Football?
Wh-Questions[Wh + Do/does + subject + verb + object + ?]When does he play Football?

Formula of Simple Present Tense

Sentence Structure of Simple Present Tense

Positive Sentence Structure
[Subject + verb (s/es) + object]
She reads poems every morning.

Negative Sentence Structure
[Subject + do/does + not + verb + object]
She doesn’t read poems every morning.

Question Sentence Structure
[Do/does + subject + verb + object + ?]
Does she read poems every morning?

Wh-Questions Sentence Structure
[Wh + Do/does + subject + verb + object + ?]
Why does she read poems every morning?

Examples of Simple Present Tense

Positive Sentences in the Simple Present Tense

  • He plays cricket every weekend. 
  • We drink warm water in the evening. 
  • She bathes every night. 
  • My friend usually wears a black T-shirt.
  • The satellite revolves around the earth.
  • He looks handsome in the morning.
  • I work as an executive engineer.
  • My mom cooks very delicious burgers.
  • We play chess every day.
  • They usually speak Spanish.

Examples of simple present tense

Negative Sentences in the Simple Present Tense

  • He doesn’t get up early in the morning.
  • She doesn’t hide anything.
  • We don’t go to extra classes.
  • David doesn’t come to my house.
  • They don’t wear red clothes.
  • I don’t understand the situation.
  • I don’t break the rules.
  • He doesn’t spend all the money.
  • Emma doesn’t lose hope.
  • We don’t fight with friends.

Questions in the Simple Present Tense

  • Do you read all the lessons?
  • Does she play the piano?
  • Does my mother cook delicious noodles?
  • Do we choose the marathon race?
  • Does he know all the secrets?

Wh – Questions in the Simple Present Tense

  • When do you go to tuition?
  • How much does he spend on courses?
  • What do you get from the hostel?
  • When does he take a bath?
  • What does she read at night?

Exercise of Simple Present Tense

  1. He regularly _________ a book every night.
  2. David _________ to music while he works.
  3. The airplane ___________ at the airport at 6 am.
  4. She ____________ a car for his husband.
  5. Does his brother _________ to the gym every morning?
  6. The sun __________ in the east and sets in the west.
  7. Many peoples __________ horror movies at night.
  8. The resort ___________ a variety of activities to enjoy on your vacation.
  9. Animals ________ an essential role in the environment.
  10. Poor people usually _________ hard to provide for their families.

Ans: reads, listens, arrives, purchases, go, rises, watch, offers, play, work.

Simple Present Tense Worksheet

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