Simple Sentence Examples in English

simple sentence examples in english

Simple Sentence Examples

  1. He eats pizza.
  2. The mangoes are delicious.
  3. He speaks Spanish.
  4. She is a good sister.
  5. They go to bed early every night.
  6. He listens to music when he plays.
  7. We go to the gym to stay fit.
  8. She takes care of her mother.
  9. I work from Monday to Saturday.
  10. He is a talented painter.
  11. She is a great cook.
  12. They love to play cricket.
  13. My friend is clever.
  14. We always wear a wristwatch.
  15. She writes poetry in her free time.
  16. The store is across the road.
  17. She is learning to swim.
  18. We enjoy parties with my friends.
  19. He is learning to speak English.
  20. They want to drive a car.
  21. I study regularly.
  22. He dreams of becoming a painter.
  23. We enjoy watching Netflix.
  24. She is a great mother.
  25. It is time to go to bed.
  26. My cat eats dry fish.
  27. She is pretty and intelligent.
  28. He has a lot of experience.
  29. They always dress well.
  30. He is a great public speaker.

Simple Sentences in English

  1. I am going to play cricket on the playground.
  2. He is a smarter guy than the others.
  3. She usually goes for the morning walk.
  4. We have decided to skip the class.
  5. They enjoy hiking in the mountains.
  6. It is difficult to learn a new language.
  7. She is a good English teacher.
  8. We want to learn how to dance.
  9. He inspires others to do their best.
  10. She takes the time to listen to others.
  11. He likes to eat pasta on Sunday.
  12. She enjoys playing board games together.
  13. I need to finish the homework tonight.
  14. We are going on a trip next week.
  15. We always celebrate our birthdays with a party.
  16. They have been studying since they were kids.
  17. He has decided to take a long break.
  18. She works as a physiologist.
  19. He is a successful businessman.
  20. She inspires others to do their best.
  21. He wore a red T-shirt to the party.
  22. She makes videos for youtube.
  23. The dog chases squirrels in the park.
  24. She studies history in school.
  25. He watches movies on Netflix.
  26. The bird builds a nest in the tree.
  27. She studies foreign languages in school.
  28. The flowers bloom in the garden.
  29. She teaches math to high school students.
  30. The river runs through the valley.
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